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Fountain Pens and Mountain Climbing

October 1 2021

Some of you might know that it is not a good idea to fly with fountain pens containing ink because the changes in air pressure can cause the ink to leak. I wanted to test if high mountains were also a no-no so I inked a pen and went up to the summit of Mount Fuji because that is as high as I can get without going abroad.

I chose the Kaweco Sport Brass since it is sturdy enough to take a beating which means that it is perfect for climbing a volcano. I inked it up before climbing to make sure that it was full. The reason being that I did not want any air bubbles in the converter that might want to get out as the air pressure drops.

After I reached the summit I took out the pen and it seemed fine. No leakage at all. I tried to write a bit in my notebook which worked as normal as you can see in the picture below.


While I cannot guarantee the same outcome for everyone, I was able to complete the mission successfully. Since Fuji is the highest mountain in the country, I personally will keep bringing pens while climbing mountains.

Kaweco Sport Brass and writing from Mount Fuji's summit