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January 6 2022

About a week ago, I was reading Shumi no Bungubako (趣味の文具箱) which is a Japanese quarterly magazine about stationary. As I was reading I caught sight of a small picture of an ink bottle from Sailor. Nothing special about that since the magazine is very fountain pen focused. What caught my eye with this bottle was the name Fika.

Fika is what Swedes do when they sit down and eat a cookie or something with a cup of tea or coffee. I remember when I worked at an office during summer break in high school and we had fika breaks twice a day. For the first few days it was OK, but after a while the frequency of these breaks became a bit too much.

That is not to say that fika in moderation is to be avoided. Rather the opposite, everyone needs a cup of tea and a coffee coloured ink at certain moments in their lives. As well as the fact that inks inspired by Swedish culture are rather rare so it might be worth it just because of that.

I went online and ordered a bottle of the Fika ink, which was limited to 3,000 bottles so it might not be available when you read this. The ink is coffee coloured, or dark brown as a layman may call it. The ink is dark enough to be kind of formal (though it might be wise to stick to black or blue-black inks to be on the safe side when writing formal stuff) but still unusual enough to be fun to write with. As an extra bonus, you can claim that your coffee spills are just ink spills.
... Or that your ink spills are coffee spills.

Fika Ink Bottle

Fika ink bottle.

Fika Ink Writing

Fika writing.